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boringness Is like Cheese

2007-07-20 16:33:36 by Rinogas

Hmm im not sure what to say in this post So I just diecide to make one...


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2007-07-21 16:13:07

Your talk of your home planet remindes me of my own travels.

i come from the not to distant future of 2025 where newgrounds now owns the world, the only way to get food or water is by having a newgorunds account, the higher your level the higher your standard of living is.

So i returned back in time to get my level up and now my family live in richness, but i cannot return to my home time, so i level up hoping one day my family can buy a xbox 720.

Rinogas responds:



2007-08-11 17:34:51

Well at least you have something. If you didn't, then you'd have a textbox that says "Hasn't contributed to NG yet, so here's an advertisement" and then there would be this crazy assed advertisement in your fucking space! You can't let that shit happen! Take a stand!

Rinogas responds:



2011-06-15 17:08:54

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